Charles was living in his car in a Price Chopper parking lot when he came to Bethesda House seeking help. He had driven up from New York City looking for a fresh start and was well on his way when sudden health complications kept him from finding employment. He found himself in an unfamiliar area with no one to go to and no support system to lean on until he could get back on his feet. 


However, as we soon learned, Charles is not one to give up easily. And if asking for help was going to bring him closer to his fresh start, he was not too proud to ask. He came to Bethesda House in September 2021 and immediately began working with one of our case managers to find permanent housing. Charles was persistent and proactive in researching apartments. Combined with Bethesda House’s existing relationships with Schenectady landlords, we were able to find him the perfect place in the Stockade. However, the apartment needed significant repairs and due to COVID-related supply delays, Charles would not have his own home for the holidays as he dreamed. 


Undeterred, Charles consistently followed up with Bethesda House and the landlord to ensure the repairs were moving along. During this time, he took back control of his health and found full-time employment. He also worked with Bethesda House to lower his phone and car insurance bills to create more room in his budget. Because of his perseverance, he was able to finally move in January 2022; he’s called this apartment home ever since. 


We’ve kept in contact with Charles to ensure his health and financial well-being for long-term stability. The other week, he stopped by Bethesda House with four heaping plates of authentic Haitian cuisine he cooked himself - in his own home. We are so grateful he reached out to us and we attribute his success to his resilience and spirit of never giving up. Charles is a true example of what we can accomplish when, no matter how many times we get knocked down, we always get back up and advocate for our autonomy.


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