Bethesda House Revenue Sources & Use of Funds

For the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2021, 89% of Bethesda House's Revenue came from Federal, State and Government Sources or Fee for Service operations and 9% came from Contributions our public, friends, and supporters; remaining 2% of revenue is from Other and Temporarily Restricted sources. The pie chart below shows the breakdown:

Revenue Sources, 2020-2021

The contributions serve an extremely important function of providing funds for services not provided by any other source are needed to keep Bethesda House running to manage the following services:

  • Residential supported by US Department of HUD, Veterans Administration, NYS OTDA: NYSSHP, and Fee for Service
  • Case Management supported by City of Schenectady, NYS OTDA: STEHP, Schenectady County Community Service: OMH, Schenectady County, and Fee for Service
  • Program Department supported by City of Schenectady, NYS OTDA: STEHP, Regional Food Bank, Concern for the Hungry, and United Way: Food Security Award
  • Administration supported by all revenue sources

All program services are supported by grants and private contributions.

The Funds (Revenue) provided and the programs supported by those funds are described below:

Federal Funds

HUD - United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

Permanent Supportive Housing: Long-term housing that has supportive services for homeless persons with disabilities. Single adults receive stable, permanent housing, while developing the skills needed to become independent.

State Funds

  • NYS OTDA: New York State Supportive Housing Program (NYSSHP)

NYSSHP supports eligible services to people who are homeless or at risk and whose head of household needs services to maintain stable housing.

  • Solution to End Homelessness Program (STEHP)

STEHP funding is intended to enhance and support the quality and quantity of facilities and services currently available to address the needs of homeless individuals and families, and those households at risk of homelessness in New York State.

  • NYS OMH via Schenectady County Community Services

Supports Case Management and Social Work services to the homeless population with mental illness and substance abuse

  • Alliance for Positive Health

Alliance funds help support a multitude of services to benefit the community including community outreach and overnight shelter case management and social work.

  • Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program (DSRIP)

DSRIP funds are designed to mitigate the drain on emergency room departments and Medicaid costs.

Local Government Funds

  • City of Schenectady

Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG):

Emergency Solutions Grants funds support, in part, the Day Drop-in Emergency Services and housing case management services.

HOME Subsidy Grant:

The HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) is the largest Federal block grant to state and local governments designed exclusively to create affordable housing for low-income households.

  • Schenectady County Department of Social Services

Serveral services are supported by Schenectady County DSS including: intensive case management services specific to housing people from emergency shelters, providing Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling services, and extreme cold weather emergency shelter.

Fee for Service

Veteran Administration: Transitional Housing Program for Veterans

In collaboration with the Veterans Administration, this grant provides transitional housing for veterans. Comprehensive support services include outreach, assessment, emergency services, and case management.

Temporarily Restricted

  • Regional Food Bank

Awards support the agency’s Soup Kitchen and Food Pantries

  • Concern for the Hungry

Supports the Soup Kitchen and Food Pantries

Contributions & Fundraising

Contributions and Fundraising support programs and services not covered by contracted revenue.

For more information, please view our latest Annual Report.


  • Interest & Dividends, Investment Unrealized Gains

This source is generated primarily from our investment account's month-to-month activity

  • Rent Income

This is made up of rent payments received from residents at our Liberty, Lighthouse and scattered Beacon sites

  • Representative Payee Fees

This line item is comprised of monthly fees paid by our clients who participate in our Representative Payee Program

Temporarily Restricted