Case Management

Our dedicated case management staff is trained to treat individuals as individuals first. A thorough intake assesses immediate needs, eligibility for programs, and connection to outside agency services. Through consistent follow-up and trust-building, our guests and clients receive the support network they need to better their livelihood

Case Management staff facilitate services across all spectrums of needs:

  • Housing (emergency, transitional, permanent)
  • Financial Planning
  • Emergency and Safety

Representative Payee

At Bethesda House we know financial independence equals personal power. Our Rep Payee program is a crucial faction of our Case Management work and has ended the cycle of homelessness for every participant who was homeless at the time of entry.

Our team works with individual clients to:

  • Map out and enforce weekly budget
  • Ensure all necessities are met and paid for (rent, food, utilities, medical care)
  • Communicate directly with landlords, bill providers, etc. on behalf of client
  • Provide financial advice and recommendations for proper spending habits