Housing is a basic human right, not a reward for clinical success

Bethesda House was one of the first agencies nationwide to open a Housing-First permanent supportive housing program, now considered the best practice housing model.

Bethesda House offers:

  • Permanent Supportive Housing to eligible chronically homeless adults
    • Scattered Sites Apartments: 8 Beds
    • Lighthouse Program: 7 Beds
    • Liberty Apartments: 16 Beds
  • Transitional Housing for Veterans:
    • In partnership with the Veterans Administration, Bethesda House allocates 3 transitional housing beds and full access to case management services for veterans in need.
  • Overnight Shelter
    • In 2018, Bethesda House transitioned our seasonal Code Blue program to a 365-day, fully staffed overnight shelter
    • New guests receive intake upon arrival and are offered case management and social work services
    • Overnight Shelter hours are 6 PM - 7 AM

Are you or someone you know in need of housing?

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